Increasing Video Poker Payouts

Video Poker is one of the most popular games in an online casino. The great thing about this game is that is does not always have a house advantage. This is why it is a game that you should definitely try out. Like many other games, if you are new to video poker, playing at home online is the best way to learn the game. When playing online, you will also be able to have access to strategy guides, which you would not be able to use in a real casino. As with blackjack, there are strategy charts for video poker that can help you to learn what moves are the best and what will give you a better chance at getting a winning hand. However, since there are different forms of video poker, each one will have its own strategy chart that should be followed. By using these charts, players will be able to increase payouts and win more often when playing the games.

Video Poker is basically completely a strategy game. This means it will be essential for you to learn these strategies to increase winnings. The strategy chart will give you a huge advantage over the house.

To understand strategy cards, you need to know the numbering system that is used. Those of you who are new to video poker win need to understand what the worst starting hands are and what the best are. Most online casinos like Villento Las Vegas and Coliseum Casino will offer Jacks or Better Video Poker, so the following strategies are based on that version of the game.

You must know what the strong cards are in your hand. You must also know what the highest and lowest winning hands are. The top win is a royal flush, followed by four of a kind and a straight flush. If you have three or more cards in your hand that could make up one of these winning hands, those are the cards to hold. You will also want to hold 2 pair. Many players will decide when they first begin playing that if they do not have a pair or at least three cards that could create a winning hand, they will discard all of their cards. This is a personal choice, but you should try to create a decent hand from the cards you have been dealt.

Once you have learned what the strength is of your starting hand, you need to learn how to play the rest of the hand. The strategy in video poker is based on deciding what cards to discard.

Some of the following strategies can help new players get a great grasp on the game and learn how to play the hand. If you are dealt 4 cards that are part of a royal flush, discard the fifth card only. Do this even if it means breaking a flush or a straight. When you are dealt three of a kind, hold those three cards and draw two other cards. If you only have 2 cards that could lead to a royal flush, your odds are not that great. In this case, you will want to keep any pairs, no matter how low they are. If you are dealt 4 cards to a straight or flush, keep these cards. Many players will discard them and hold a high card. This is not the best strategy. It is better to hold the four cards and pull one new card.

Once you understand the strength of your starting hand, it will be easy to figure out the strategies for video poker. This is a game that does require some thinking, but again, there is no guarantee to any win by using a strategy. It will simply improve your chances of getting a winning hand.