Do Free Spins Qualify as No Deposit Bonuses?


There are a number of things that a prospective online casino player, i.e. a prospective signee at an online casino looks out for. These include who the casino’s owners are (the bigger the brand the safer you feel), the software powering it (software from a reputed brand is an automatic guarantee of a good range of games), the interface (good looks are a great incentive for signing up), and most importantly the bonuses (more bonuses means more free play and more fun). Among all the bonuses that a casino offers, one that everyone has an eye on is the no deposit bonus.

The no deposit bonus allows you to play for real money without investing your own funds into the playing experience. Therefore, even if it is a small amount or a big amount for a limited period of time, a no deposit bonus is much sought after. Not all casinos offer it, but the ones that do are sure to get a lot of new players. In this scenario, do the free spins that a casino offers new players count as no deposit bonuses? Or are they just nice little freebies that casinos offer you?

Free Spins – What They Are

Free spins are a nice incentive that a large number of online casinos (and even mobile casinos today) offer potential new players as an incentive to sign up with them. This is how it usually works: a casino picks a specific game or games and assigns free spins for these games. What this means is that when you sign up and play this game, you get a guaranteed number of free spins, which is a good way to get used to the game and the playing pattern and score some wins.

You get specific number of free spins for the game mentioned by the casino. The number usually varies between 5 and 100+. You can find this out by the notification the casino provides on its home page. Some casinos also put out online ads highlighting this fact, which means all you need to do is head across to the online casino offering the free spins, sign up, and get playing. Usually, the free spins are offered in tandem with a small no deposit bonus or with a deposit bonus. Most casinos offer you free spins with a deposit bonus. Some casinos associate bonus codes with this bonus, and you would need to use the particular bonus code mentioned to avail this cool bonus on offer.

So Do Free Spins Qualify As No Deposit Bonuses?

Technically, if a casino is offering you free spins for signing up with them, it automatically qualifies as a no deposit bonus. This is because you are getting to play the slots and avail the spins without even depositing funds into your account. However, not every casino offers this no deposit bonus. Some casinos offer free spins on the first deposit or on any of the subsequent deposits; in that case it no longer qualifies as a no deposit bonus because you are putting in your own money to get the bonus.

Casinos that offer free spins as a no deposit bonus have their own terms and conditions for players to follow when using this bonus. The most common condition that comes into play is the wagering requirement. A number of casinos also have a cap on the maximum amount you can cash out with your free spins winnings.