Bitcoin and Online Gambling - Safe BTC Casinos

Many have heard of online gambling and bitcoin in different contexts. However, the two have now combined to bring online casino enthusiasts more fun and excitement with speedier transactions. If you are looking to have double the fun you’ve come to the right place. We present all the juicy information you need on Bitcoin casinos.

We all know that fabulous 3D games and live dealer tables are a major attraction at online casinos. But there’s more that players look for and this includes convenient payment options, and currencies to make deposits and cash out winnings. That’s exactly what Bitcoin had done, it’s made online gambling easier, faster, and secure.

To begin with, there’s not a big difference between wagering with bitcoin and regular currency. However, payments are processed significantly faster with the digital currency that permits peer to peer payments. It’s much like getting through a cash counter after paying cash rather than swiping a credit or debit card.

Since its launch in 2008, bitcoin has begun to change the way players use online casinos to lay their favorite games. With almost 3 million users there’s little doubt that the crypto-currency is a huge success. So if you are ready to make gambling on the net simpler, stick around and we will get you started at the best bitcoin casinos in the business.

Bitcoin Wallets

To begin with, bitcoins are stored in a digital form in a wallet. These wallets are in the form on a desktop program or an online service in the cloud. Some of the popular web services where you can sign up for a Bitcoin Wallet are Xapo, Coinmotion, Kraken, Cryptsy, and Coinbase. You can purchase bitcoin via a number of currencies. Exchange of bitcoins is approved by bitcoin miners or specialized software and hardware that verify transactions to ensure that there is no breach of security or fraudulent transactions made.

Getting started with bitcoins

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Bitcoins can be purchased from the wallets mentioned above. Advanced users can pick from software wallets that permit the digital currency to be stored on their computer. and Electrum are among the software wallets.

On the other hand, bitcoins can also be stored in hardware wallets like Ledger. This type of wallet offers the highest security through the use of specialized software that connects through a PC’s USB port.

How to buy Bitcoins

Bitcoin wallets such as Cubits and Kraken are the main source of the digital currency. However, rather than go through the hassles most bitcoin casinos allow you to purchase bitcoin directly from their site. Transactions take place via the wallet.

You can purchase bitcoins at online wallets using a credit card or bank wire transfer. Alternatively, you can buy bitcoins from an individual seller at an online marketplace. All you need is to transfer the money is USD or any other currency to the seller and in turn you will receive the amount of bitcoins agreed upon to your bitcoin address.

Benefits of using bitcoins at casinos

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One of the biggest benefits of playing at bitcoins is the speed at which deposits and withdrawals can be made. All transactions are conducted in real time so you can expect funds to be available in your account almost instantly. Speaking of transactions, using Bitcoin completely eliminates any fee, which can otherwise be quite significant. In most cases casinos charge a fee for specific payment methods like eWallets. In addition, Bitcoin casinos offer some fantastic odds, which is a major attraction for all types of players. Part of this is due to minimal or no payment processing costs in most cases.

Another major plus point when it comes to bitcoin casinos is anonymity. Players who do not wish to have gaming show up on their credit report can use the digital currency and remain absolutely incognito. For the most part, the currency is self sufficient and earns value based on algorithms, which makes it immune to human error and identity theft.

Bitcoin casinos are provably fair. The casino has no control over the outcome of each bet. Casinos that are certified provably fair use cryptographic hash technology where players can check that the outcome of games is decided using random numbers and cannot be tampered with. Just make sure to play at a bitcoin casino that is certified provably fair.

How much bitcoin do you need to play at bitcoin casinos

The value of a bitcoin fluctuates just like any other currency. Currently 1 bitcoin is valued at $650 which is why you can play in mill-bitcoins and make a minimum deposit of approximately 1mBTC or $0.65c. Wagers on table games can start from as little as 0.1 mBTC or $0.06. The single spin in slots can cost even lesser.

Depositing and cashing out winnings from a bitcoin casino

Depositing funds in a bitcoin casino account and withdrawing winnings is easy. It is one of the fastest and secure ways. Simply visit the cashier’s section and select bitcoin as the mode of payment. The casino provides a bitcoin address to which a player can direct bitcoins from their wallet to the receiving address. The process usually doesn’t take more than 15 minutes. All deposits are protected by an algorithm that confirms the sending and recipient address in the BlockChain. Most casinos also have a provision to purchase bitcoins directly on their site.

To withdraw winnings all you have to do is visit the cashier section and enter your bitcoin wallet address in the withdrawal tab. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and your request will be processed instantly. The funds are usually made available in your account in less than 12 hours.

As you can see, playing at a bitcoin casino can be truly exciting which now extends to poker rooms and live dealer games as well. So if you are looking for a great gambling experience in a safe and secure environment it is time to sign up at a bitcoin casino. Don’t forget, you are sure to be greeted with a fantastic welcome bonus, reload bonuses galore, and cash back offers.